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SVE-642288: Augers / Augers

Augers For Metal

Augers For Metal: • HSS-G – Light spiral auger for drilling iron, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, nickel, brass, black lead. • HSS-TIN - DIN 338 spiral auger with titanium finishing, golden auger for drilling aluminum, steel, cast iron, nickel, brass, silver, black lead, bronze etc. • HSS-CO - DIN 338 spiral auger with bronze finishing. It is used for drilling alloy steel and high-density material, such as acid-resistant steel, cast iron, bronze, chrome steel, welded seams. Augers For Concrete: • SDS-PLUS - Augers made of high-quality chrome-nickel steel. TWIXX system of top grinding enables the best drilling features (such as a faster drilling and a longer service life, 29% more drilling). It is used for drilling granite, concrete, brick, ceramics and marble. • SDS-MAX - The auger tops with a y-shaped blade point, made of a high-quality chrome-nickel steel. Such a system enables a faster drilling, cleaner holes and a longer service life, i.e. a larger quantity of drilled holes. Augers for wood: They are made of chrome-vanadium steel with a centering point and the cutter with cutting stands. They are used for drilling hard and soft wood, hard wooden planks, plywood, chipboard etc. Cannulated augers. Hand and machine cannulated augers



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